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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Exams are Over!

Finally finally...

No more exams, no more formulae for accounts...

But the debit credit is forever etched in me already...

Now then I realised how much I hate accounting modules, but ironically and yet, I made a living by doing Accounts every single day.

Alas, I will be free for a month plus, and waiting to go Universal Studios with the gang~

Currently, the hot on fever drama for me:

Starring Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung.

Typical HK drama of detectives solving mysteries using the power of science, not forensics this time, but Physics.

My Physics sucks so most of the time I do not understand what Raymong Lam is explaining about in the show (He's acting as a Physics professor by the way).

Next Up: J-Dorama!

Yankee-Kun To Megane-Chan 不良仔与眼镜妹

Watched this drama PURELY because of 成宫宽部. A very much idol-infested schoolly drama.

Watching a new korean show but shall talk about it after few more episodes!

Do anyone knows where I can watch HD 叶问2 in cantonese online??

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Very stressssssssssss...

After tomorrow, Im alone.

Nobody else but me will know the functions of my jobscope anymore.

Sounds mighty?
It means I have to do more.

Really wan to give part of my work to the 2 new temps.
But they look busy.


Been posting status of looking for temp/perm all over FB, MSN etc.
Nobody replies.

I thought now school holidays, looks like people now dont like to work, or they dont give a damn about the measly greasly pay.

$7 per hour, very little meh?
I last time only $5.50 per hour can.......

Im so stressed.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Exams Are.... not over yet

The most hectic week, where I have 2 major exams, are over...

TM should be no problem, but for FA... Prepared for the worst of resit, lol~

I thought I will get scoldings on my first day back to work after a week's break of studying at home, coz MIA-ed too long is never good in this office, people just talk"s".

Luckily, my AM signs the leave form and Manager gave me the confirmation letter today...

Ho Choi.......

And something bad happened on my first day back to work.
SH is gone, dunno why K ask her to leave immediately for what, she can serve the one-week notice!
But whatever, the backlogs she left behind is zzzz...

Now now I got a major task on hand, to tutor and lead the 2 new girls well.
And if I did well, I can $_$ very soon~

Payday is tml!
This month is sure fast~

Recently, I am very dulan with 2 guys on Maplestory.
竟敢嚣张到欺负我的BB Tay?!

Go and do more facial to thin your faces la, so thick-skinned!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

maybe a B

Finished Transport Managment exams, so I better say a "B", say "A" will be quite BHB lol~

Should be going to sleep but feeling so vexed now... Happily completed Lunar on my PSP... Downloaded the rom for Harvest Moon, then discovered that the memory stick on PSP cannot stick in the MS slot on the lappy at all!!!

really KNN, totally spoilt my mood.

Somemore, kena suan-ed by a 乳臭未干的小女孩, wait till you kena cheated!

Hmpf, Bad Mood in the air. Totally black-face now.

And then, everything goes down with this.

Anyway, resolution abit low, it means the total no. of application received for 4-room is 2388.
300 supply, 2388 applied.
Calculate the probability and sulk with me~

First Paper

My first paper for this semester is Transport Management, scheduled 730pm to 930pm today.

Spent 2 days at home preparing, but there's nothing in my head now.

So i officially announced: Give Up and Come What May!

Even so, I was already calculating how many marks I can lose for the written paper, a common habit of mine. Quiz (20%) and Assignment (30%) is able to leverage up my marks, just that Exam (50%) is still a killer.

As long as I aimed for at least half of the paper correct, an A shouldn't be a problem already.

Still was not that worried for my first paper since its a logistic module, my strength subject. But then coming Friday, Financial Accounting.

This, is then the real real damn big deal.

Wish so much that I can imidate JiaNi to apply for 2 weeks of long break to study for exams, but the volume of work forbids me to do so.

Seems like I have to OT till 9pm again tml.

June, come faster!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little Push

Recently did a mini psychology test on the local magazines.

Its about how ambitious you are and how you gonna reach your goals with what kind of methods.

And I find it quite true. I have 70% of ambitious-ingredients in it, but the most important fact is that I find it alright to use a little underhand-means '小手段'.

And I admit that I do, sometimes.

Or rather, I am a good maker of knowing people's feelings and thinkings and further work on that. But always, after getting what we wanted, no matter how bad a person you are, you will still feel bad inside of you.

But the good feeling of power and riches just drown whatever conscience that is left.

Im not a good person, but Im not a bad one either.

I always tend to be too rushy and agressive in providing facts and informations to people.
These people who are blinded by loves and naive thinking.

Why is it so? Because im the 过来人。

Just make use of information to attain your goals. How? Ultimately the answer is to, to communicate with MORE others.

A little talk with wisdom and knowledge, a little push you put in your words, trust me, you can get 99% of whatever results you want.

If you want to make yourself feel better, if this kind of method is un-orthodox to you, just say to yourself, you are just trying to do the goodness for everyone.

The end results will be: Some people blame you for being busybody (I get it everytime, so much for being kind) and some people will thank you for life (These are the smarter ones).

Look, whenever I said something, have it been false before?

People just dont wan admit and rather faced the full impact later. If you have listened to me long ago, you can suffer lesser...

Of course Im no smarty-pants here who think that whatever she feels is correct, but whatever I said is based on solely experiences. 我吃的盐,就是比别人吃的米多。

*** *** ***

Another thing, the usage of FB.

Mind you, whatever you say, write, post on FB, is public to all. Even if you never add the person, with a little of bugs and hacks, anything can be retrieve. The Internet and WWW is convenient, but only to the extend if it does you good.

If you wanted something to remain private, just dont type on the keyboard into the status box.

I seen a little cousin's FB recently, and something smells too fishy. Sorry for using a little trick to know what I wanted, paisei la~ but I just spent 5 mins to track anyway.

And the results, Im sure thats not what you wanted, too bad.

Of course, if you are diligent enough, you will see this post to know what I meant and what I needed to tell you.




Whatever needed to say, wrote it here, you can see, GOOD.

You cannot see, FATED.

tada~ time to study for exams....

Photos...... Up next week bah, I got a new fringe~!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Promotion

I didnt want to tell everyone in the company about this matter, so if anyone saw this post, you are lucky! lol~

Thus tomorrow onwards, this issue shall be placed at the end of my mind.

OT-ed until 9pm today, cause' of lots of invoicing problems and bad-debts-to-be. Being a perfectionist always trying to attain the "zer-errors" title, Im really working hard.

My job is always invoicing, matching, emailing, filing, problem-solving and also debt-collecting.

10th May was supposed to be the date of my confirmation after probation, but the confirmation letter didnt come from Naggy.

So i waited, since senior told me that he always forget 'mundane' things that do not concern about money.

And today during OT hours, Naggy came to have a talk with me. I thought I can finally have my confirmation, (so that I can go about applying for all sort of things) but it does not seems just that. Naggy wanted me to learn more things from senior, and he went around the big bush to say "can you save enuf money? you enuf money spent?" "Im pleased with your work performance, do you have any intentions to further your career in MSC?" "Do you wish to learn more aspects of Accounts in the future?"

One moment my heart skipped actually, cause' I thought he want to send me to Geneva for some special training for few months LOL.

But nope, it seems just as simple as he wanted to give me a promotion, and now, I dont really want it at all. Not now, at least.


I have only worked for a freaking 3 months and if I got a promotion now, people will talk about it and wait for my downfall. I dont want people to have bad impression about me now.

An executive post means heavier responsibilities, what if I 阴沟里翻船?

Some people have already worked for 1 - 2 years but yet still stay in the same position, my promotion will definitely spark off a big topic and I can be the Red Star of the year.

And so I replied to Naggy : "Hmmm, I think better not lah, later people will alot of opinions and you also hard to persuade the management. we see again loh"

The promotion was within grasp but I pushed it away. Today.

And I thought about it long and hard on the way back home instead of killing monsters with my PSP as I usually did.

Do I deserve it? I honestly think, Yes. I put in effort in my work, and working towards zero-errors.
Do I want it? I think half, I dont really wan the title but I welcomed the salary.
Can I get a second chance for the same thing again?

I can get it when I continue to work harder and it'll be definitely in my hands.

For long I have longed for recognition. Recognition from people who approved my ability and my admire my knowledge. Other than Naggy, the other managers too has praised my performace before in the meetings. Other dept personnel are working fine with me as well.

苦苦根耘, 也就是为了能吃得饱饱,睡得好好,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


First Thing: Fuck U la K!

(now I hope that he wont go and search everyone's blog and FB to see this post LOL)

Suddenly felt that Im so suay, all the superiors I had were NEVER good. First was that 母老虎 when I worked in Tuas, everyday OT OT OT every though nothing to do also need to OT. A nice post I got way back then: Engineering cum Admin. But Im a damn freaking MAID in fact! Need to wash pantry, need to water plants need to refill the air purifier and even wash the coffee machine. Quitted in 3 months time.

Next was KNS. Yeah the company is just as the name goes, very bery KNS. Nice post I got again: Customer Service Rep. But I need to do all the warehouse work, including lifting 25kg resin sack and now my back still hurt so much! Also need to OT OT OT until midnight. It was a "long weekend wait long long" way back then.

Now, I feel much much better in MSC. Other than K who irks me so much everyday, I made alot of good friends. I wont name them as colleagues as it feels distant, sistas to be in fact.
I have dear Michelle who treats everyone so good, and always bid me goodbye when she went home. Its really sweet. And her frequent SMSes for goodnites, Sorry gal, it was always very bery late when I saw those SMSes >.<
I have Angeline, she's a crazy shopper who can jolly well use her one month pay to buy Gucci and LV. Meimei ar, save abit bah......... She likes to tell cold jokes too.. Some are real funny and some are erm erm... And she loves singing so much~
I have Moon, she's a.... very nice lady, quite fierce wife, she's good to everyone.
And lastly Sze Huey, Congrats Gal on getting your dream job, help me buy that duty-free goods next time!
And all the other uncles and aunties too :P

Had a dinner with KNS friends last week thursday. Am shocked to know that over 20 ppl are FINALLY leaving that freaking eat-meat-no-spit-bones company. Including my friends in that 20 ppl group. I always know that ppl are leaving that company for good but well, never expected 20.

Just gotten a baby camera Fujifilm. BB's Dad bought for me... Some pictures I took but ALWAYS TOO LAZY to upload at all.... The KBOX session with the sistas, farewell dinner with Jenny's, Dinner with KNS friends...

Going to be extremely busy from now onwards till end June.. Company's audit and outstanding bills of millions dollars are a big bomb already.. 3 exam papers to clear and also gathering with ppl whom I have promised AGES ago.. Feel bad..

But i still conclude that I can be a good friend if you treated me as one. I will remember those who had offered me kindness and gentleness. But if the impression of irking continues of you in my heart, bye bye then.

I hope that K can do a good deed to the public by hiring a good executive who can HELP.
I hope that I can continue losing 1kg every month (its actually working BUT it doesnt show physically! -.-)
I hope that the crazy woman downstairs can stop throwing shit and piss on the staircase.
I hope that the Red Army can go away so that I can go to Bangkok instead of Taiwan first.
I hope that the exams questions are just as it appears in the revision papers.

I hope that I can have a good queue no. for Boon Lay Grove BTO!