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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pre-Employment Health Check

Went for my pre-employment health check at JP's Dr Woo Clinic today.

The results are quite bad.

My Height: 163cm
(I remember I was 165cm in Sec 4, with, I shrank??)

My Weight: 65.2kg
(Omfg, consider I was 68kg few months ago, my weight did drop considerably. But still, it means Im now overweight.)

My Body Fat Mass: 40.3%
(Comparing the BFM percentage to BMI, Im considered as OBESE. The healthy range for BFM for my height should be 17% - 24% only.)

Blood Pressure: 83/54
(Low BP index, meaning I have hypotension now. Considering I have been having lightheaded symptoms like giddy and headache, shortness of breath, regular fever of more than 38 C degrees, stiff neck, severe back pain, prolonged diarrhoea, fatigue, loss oh hair and even seizures and fits. All these symptoms described by the doc, yes I have them. I might need to take Steriods for a longer period.)

Eyesight: 5/6
(Well, I mistook N for H, for both of my eyes. Im gonna buy a new specs.)

Hearing: Average
(It is above average for normal people. Im only "Average". The nurse told me that I couldn't listen to higher-pitched frequency.)

Breathing of the Lungs: 74
(74 is only considered as acceptable. The first few tries are only 54 and 65. You have to blow into a tube to test the amount of oxygen you can breathe out and how long you can sustain. The first breathe out have to be harder and need to continue for 6 seconds. Apparently, I can only last for 4 seconds.)

All in all, it WASN'T GOOD.

After all those tests, I had a blood test where 3 big tubes of blood were drawn for my elbow point. Again, got situation. Doctor say my blood veins are very deep in and yeah, he poked quite deep inside to find that vein. The poke was still not that painful, maybe I have too much fats protecting me, lol~ But the subsequent drawing of blood feels so ge li.

Oh crap, I cant imagine myself gg for blood donation drive ever.

Tml is Large Chest Scan. Hope that tml's will be better than today's.