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Monday, May 24, 2010

Exams Are.... not over yet

The most hectic week, where I have 2 major exams, are over...

TM should be no problem, but for FA... Prepared for the worst of resit, lol~

I thought I will get scoldings on my first day back to work after a week's break of studying at home, coz MIA-ed too long is never good in this office, people just talk"s".

Luckily, my AM signs the leave form and Manager gave me the confirmation letter today...

Ho Choi.......

And something bad happened on my first day back to work.
SH is gone, dunno why K ask her to leave immediately for what, she can serve the one-week notice!
But whatever, the backlogs she left behind is zzzz...

Now now I got a major task on hand, to tutor and lead the 2 new girls well.
And if I did well, I can $_$ very soon~

Payday is tml!
This month is sure fast~

Recently, I am very dulan with 2 guys on Maplestory.
竟敢嚣张到欺负我的BB Tay?!

Go and do more facial to thin your faces la, so thick-skinned!