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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little Push

Recently did a mini psychology test on the local magazines.

Its about how ambitious you are and how you gonna reach your goals with what kind of methods.

And I find it quite true. I have 70% of ambitious-ingredients in it, but the most important fact is that I find it alright to use a little underhand-means '小手段'.

And I admit that I do, sometimes.

Or rather, I am a good maker of knowing people's feelings and thinkings and further work on that. But always, after getting what we wanted, no matter how bad a person you are, you will still feel bad inside of you.

But the good feeling of power and riches just drown whatever conscience that is left.

Im not a good person, but Im not a bad one either.

I always tend to be too rushy and agressive in providing facts and informations to people.
These people who are blinded by loves and naive thinking.

Why is it so? Because im the 过来人。

Just make use of information to attain your goals. How? Ultimately the answer is to, to communicate with MORE others.

A little talk with wisdom and knowledge, a little push you put in your words, trust me, you can get 99% of whatever results you want.

If you want to make yourself feel better, if this kind of method is un-orthodox to you, just say to yourself, you are just trying to do the goodness for everyone.

The end results will be: Some people blame you for being busybody (I get it everytime, so much for being kind) and some people will thank you for life (These are the smarter ones).

Look, whenever I said something, have it been false before?

People just dont wan admit and rather faced the full impact later. If you have listened to me long ago, you can suffer lesser...

Of course Im no smarty-pants here who think that whatever she feels is correct, but whatever I said is based on solely experiences. 我吃的盐,就是比别人吃的米多。

*** *** ***

Another thing, the usage of FB.

Mind you, whatever you say, write, post on FB, is public to all. Even if you never add the person, with a little of bugs and hacks, anything can be retrieve. The Internet and WWW is convenient, but only to the extend if it does you good.

If you wanted something to remain private, just dont type on the keyboard into the status box.

I seen a little cousin's FB recently, and something smells too fishy. Sorry for using a little trick to know what I wanted, paisei la~ but I just spent 5 mins to track anyway.

And the results, Im sure thats not what you wanted, too bad.

Of course, if you are diligent enough, you will see this post to know what I meant and what I needed to tell you.




Whatever needed to say, wrote it here, you can see, GOOD.

You cannot see, FATED.

tada~ time to study for exams....

Photos...... Up next week bah, I got a new fringe~!