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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

maybe a B

Finished Transport Managment exams, so I better say a "B", say "A" will be quite BHB lol~

Should be going to sleep but feeling so vexed now... Happily completed Lunar on my PSP... Downloaded the rom for Harvest Moon, then discovered that the memory stick on PSP cannot stick in the MS slot on the lappy at all!!!

really KNN, totally spoilt my mood.

Somemore, kena suan-ed by a 乳臭未干的小女孩, wait till you kena cheated!

Hmpf, Bad Mood in the air. Totally black-face now.

And then, everything goes down with this.

Anyway, resolution abit low, it means the total no. of application received for 4-room is 2388.
300 supply, 2388 applied.
Calculate the probability and sulk with me~