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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

First Paper

My first paper for this semester is Transport Management, scheduled 730pm to 930pm today.

Spent 2 days at home preparing, but there's nothing in my head now.

So i officially announced: Give Up and Come What May!

Even so, I was already calculating how many marks I can lose for the written paper, a common habit of mine. Quiz (20%) and Assignment (30%) is able to leverage up my marks, just that Exam (50%) is still a killer.

As long as I aimed for at least half of the paper correct, an A shouldn't be a problem already.

Still was not that worried for my first paper since its a logistic module, my strength subject. But then coming Friday, Financial Accounting.

This, is then the real real damn big deal.

Wish so much that I can imidate JiaNi to apply for 2 weeks of long break to study for exams, but the volume of work forbids me to do so.

Seems like I have to OT till 9pm again tml.

June, come faster!!