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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moving to Wordpress

Hello people!

Im moving to wordpress.

Cause I cant freaking edit my templates successfully.

Cause BB recommend wordpress for easier use.

Please do support :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Choice

I been avoiding to blog about myself, cause I have been a failure for the past few weeks.

I sucked at my new job at TPS.

First day and second day were breeze, I thought I will have that 6 mths bonus in hand.

Third day is the start of my nightmare, I was office-bullied on the day i joined the so-called team.

The senior who taught me, was extremely impatient, short-tempered and intimidating. I even have a feel that she purposely taught me the wrong stuffs and indeed, I made alot of mistakes.

On the 4th day of the third week, she lodged a complaint against me for being unattentive, not committed, never listen to instructions and make alot of mistakes.

Im not attentive because I couldn't concentrate when your mouth stink of smoking breath, I not committed to long hours because I dont find the need to stay long hours when I can finish my job early, I never listen to instructions because you never taught it to me in the first place, I make alot of mistakes cause I follow what you taught.

In a sentence, Fuck you Season.

4th week, I couldn't take it anymore, and I tendered and asked for immediate release.

End of story, I search for a place for I can accommodate and it can complement me. I do not need to live under the feets of bullies :/

And comes the process of job searching again.
And this time round, Im stuck with the idea of money or passion.
Money - do back logistics, get that at least 2k+ pay.
Passion - squeeze into the fashion industry, embark on my sewing journey, but to accept that 1.5k pay.

In the end I chose passion.
Luckily that 1.5k pay is also temporary.

Im starting out as merchandising for iROO, a taiwanese fashion brand. Singapore is its first flagship store internationally. There is only one shop in MBS today, and my office will be at Shaw House (come find me for lunch and dinner!), and the funny thing is, including me, there are only 3 ppl in the office.
The company is deciding to expand to a total of 5 stores by next yr, 3 stores in malaysia and 3 in indonesia. I expect that I can participate in more functions and preparations.
Fashion was always my dream, I always enjoyed reading maagzines and surfing net for updates. You can find a library of CLEO, Vivi, Mina and Beauty in my room.

Yes, i agreed that I dont dress right as now, cause Im always so lazy to the max. But a chance stacked with a choice, I will change.

Im 23 years old, Im not afraid to accept lower pay for what I love. Make the correct choice, choose the right pathway. A passion can be a dream job if we did it right.

Alas, I will be revamping my blog soon~ heh heh.