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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Train Song

Train commuters should have realised this new MRT train song.

"Train is coming Train is coming Train is coming~~~ Enjoy your ride~!"

Honestly this song feels kinda weird.
But right now Im humming it:

"Bonus is coming Bonus is coming Bonus is coming~~~ Enjoy my bonus~!"

Wahahaha~~ Yesh Yesh!
I regret why I quitted MSC only till recently, I should have quitted damn earlier la!

I started my new job at TPS on Monday, and it was a 2 day orientation programme.

During orientation you can ask all sort of questions, and as the typical workers, I am very concerned about the bonus of course.
The Variable Bonus.

Mak: "Our company didnt do well last year due to financial crisis in 2008 onwards, so the bonus are expected to decrease."
Me: "Oooo, but at least will have how much? 2 months got ba."
Mak: "What? 2 months?" (looking at me in disbelief)
Mak: "Our industry in the market never existed 2 months bonus, last yr due to financial crisis we only got 4.5 months, this yr economy is recovering so should be 5-6 months. Few years before 2008 we had 7-9 months and even higher before."
Me: O.O O.O O.O


Even though is pro-rated bonus for myself since I only joined, the amount that I will be able to take is enough the cover my next semester school fees, which Im concerned most.

Im gonna work hard in there, for the sake of a 9 month bonus! lol~


Im gonna purchase 2 expensive buys soon:
1. Coiled bed which cost ard $300
2. Singer sewing machine ard $200


Met up to have dinner with Quek Quek


Promised to treat Taima to some crabs once I got the bonus


Trying to note down everything as much as possible, memory's slipping away...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MBS and ...

10th Sept - Friday, the Hari Raya Haji or Puasa (Dunno which??) Day, as well as Taima's 23rd Birthday!


Thank you Taima for the complimentary (to us) hotel room stay in MBS~!

Very good experience, but then, next time dont book le, very expensive lei...

Heart Pain for you lol...

Shall not elaborate much on the birthday process coz Karin or Munyeng will sure record it in their blog, read it in my links ==>

Anyway, I fell in love with this:

Bathtub, yeshhhhhh~!

And so I dipped in it with lots of foaming bubbles in the middle of the night like 4am+ lol...

The bathroom of MBS rooms are very big too, bigger than my bedroom la!

And so I...

Took some photos of myself, after a period of 3 years without taking any photos of myself.

Obviously Im much fatter as compare to three years ago, look at my bulging stomach at the 1st photo, lol!


The blood pressure index cannot return to normal, what to do T.T