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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Promotion

I didnt want to tell everyone in the company about this matter, so if anyone saw this post, you are lucky! lol~

Thus tomorrow onwards, this issue shall be placed at the end of my mind.

OT-ed until 9pm today, cause' of lots of invoicing problems and bad-debts-to-be. Being a perfectionist always trying to attain the "zer-errors" title, Im really working hard.

My job is always invoicing, matching, emailing, filing, problem-solving and also debt-collecting.

10th May was supposed to be the date of my confirmation after probation, but the confirmation letter didnt come from Naggy.

So i waited, since senior told me that he always forget 'mundane' things that do not concern about money.

And today during OT hours, Naggy came to have a talk with me. I thought I can finally have my confirmation, (so that I can go about applying for all sort of things) but it does not seems just that. Naggy wanted me to learn more things from senior, and he went around the big bush to say "can you save enuf money? you enuf money spent?" "Im pleased with your work performance, do you have any intentions to further your career in MSC?" "Do you wish to learn more aspects of Accounts in the future?"

One moment my heart skipped actually, cause' I thought he want to send me to Geneva for some special training for few months LOL.

But nope, it seems just as simple as he wanted to give me a promotion, and now, I dont really want it at all. Not now, at least.


I have only worked for a freaking 3 months and if I got a promotion now, people will talk about it and wait for my downfall. I dont want people to have bad impression about me now.

An executive post means heavier responsibilities, what if I 阴沟里翻船?

Some people have already worked for 1 - 2 years but yet still stay in the same position, my promotion will definitely spark off a big topic and I can be the Red Star of the year.

And so I replied to Naggy : "Hmmm, I think better not lah, later people will alot of opinions and you also hard to persuade the management. we see again loh"

The promotion was within grasp but I pushed it away. Today.

And I thought about it long and hard on the way back home instead of killing monsters with my PSP as I usually did.

Do I deserve it? I honestly think, Yes. I put in effort in my work, and working towards zero-errors.
Do I want it? I think half, I dont really wan the title but I welcomed the salary.
Can I get a second chance for the same thing again?

I can get it when I continue to work harder and it'll be definitely in my hands.

For long I have longed for recognition. Recognition from people who approved my ability and my admire my knowledge. Other than Naggy, the other managers too has praised my performace before in the meetings. Other dept personnel are working fine with me as well.

苦苦根耘, 也就是为了能吃得饱饱,睡得好好,