Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Sunday, August 22, 2010

At Home

I have been staying at home these few days, and feeding on the medicine meant for low BP - steroids.

Meanwhile doing online quizzes for Law and Econs, as well as searching for materials for the assignments. And made up the decision to do Econs assignment on my own, and my mind is spinning now on how to churn out that report which is dued in a week.

Other than steroids there's also a sweety thing, to up the level of blood sugar.

I hope the levels will pass this time.

I feel tired, sleepy and giddy.

And no choice but to reject Karin's offer for dinner.
Honestly, I wanted to go but I know that if i step out of the house today, I wun make it for work tml. The fever will come again.

And the stupid JF doesnt wan to release me earlier, she still wants to torture me with her 淫威, her 权利.
Fuck you, and ask your pets dun harass me ever again.

Im a grumpy and angry person again, and I shall not give face anymore. Dun make me angry for the coming 9 working days.