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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Day/Week

Super-Duper busy on this week, particularly monday and wednesday and planning thursday also...

However was quite relac at work...

Especially so relac until I go and volunteer for MORE job from my manager...

Thinking back, I wonder if its the correct thing?

Job-wise, I loved meetings lately. Went for a Intro Meeting with EM today, attendees from my company includes the Executives and Managers, only I'm the one who is still an Officer and somemore, very newbie.

Awkward situation happened, and it was when the 'exchanging-of-namecards' session that people found out that I'm nobody? LOL.

Hey hey, i'm representing the Accounts Dept de lei~

A meeting of 2 hours with both sides, I learnt alot more.
More importantly, i received alot of namecards, anyone could be my potential employers/contractors in the future?!

Monday night was rushing for Transport assignment, until 11pm then finished.
Tuesday reached home at 11pm due to school, 1am then sleep.
Wednesday was rushing for assignments too.
The time is 12.30+, and..... Good Nite!

Payday soon! Happy??

Monday, February 22, 2010


Finally, completed the damn Transport Management assignment, left with Financial Accounting, Statistics and PFP on the go.



CNY is.... okok lar~


Recently, I have been watching lots of dramas at home.

Watch and do my assignments half-half.

And I finally decided to start on this drama which I had my eyes on since it aired. After completing, I regret not watching it earlier, lol~

The drama, refer to the blog title!

Of all, I love Jang Geun Suk's Huang Tae Kyung best! He reminds me of my favorite Idol, HYDE, too.

Watch him in action with this:

There's also one more cast that I think most girls are familiar with:

FT Island's Lee Hong Ki, as the cute Jeremy!

But boy, he is so-much in love with the protagonists that he...

So Touched!

Not much synopsis to provide, just watch!

On a second note, Im gonna get that PS3 soon! Real soon!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy New Year to All!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Had lunch with Yufen today... Poor her has to walk all the way from OCBC Towers to Lau Pat Sak to eat lunch with me lol... but lucky her too for she has 1.5 hrs of lunch time leh!

A happy lunch, simply because we long time no see.

Only her and Jiani will really not forsaken me because I have not made time for them.

I believe they understand my situation and busy times especially since we are all in the workforce.

Great friends!

Well of course, my first words upon seeing her is '哇,真的很久没有看过你liao'

Hers' are 'You really fat alot lei'

Lol, omg.

It will be even better if we can spend one lunchtime together every week.

Then I spend the whole day researching on my jobscope. Freight rates, Bill of Lading, Manifest B/L, Invoice payment, Debit and Credit Note. And that very lousy shipping system of the company's.

And now, I will have to research on my assignments. Resolution of the Tiger Year is to get at least one A among my 5 modules. Add Oil Add Oil!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Esprique + Butter Crab

You might have already seen the latest Esprique foundation advertorial on CLEO or watched the CM on youtube.

And I bought it at Takashimaya!

Casing @ $15
Foundation Refill @ $49

Beautiful Casing isn't it?

Well, You loved the casing, but can't afford the refill or you are still using your current ones.
You can, buy the casing, and try to put any brands of foundation refill inside.
I tried ZA's, it fits!

But, I will still recommend you to buy the whole set.
The foundation is light and soft on your skin, a totally natural feel with a look of candy floss.
Just as the advertisement speaks.

Try and feedback!

Butter Crab feasting on the other day at Shan Tsui Palace, Raffles Country Club.

1kg+, $40.

Can't remember when I eat it though >.<

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I quitted my job at KNS in November last year, and have been mass-sending resumes in all directions...
Jobstreet, JobsDB, Saturday Strait Time Recruit section...

I have been rejected by most, and some I turned down..

My overall interview and job-finding experiences, Japanese firms has way-more expectations than US or Europe MNCs...

Initially, I hoped to get into a Japanese trading firm, big or small, it doesn't matter..

The prospect is good, and experience is vast, the knowledge is wide.. And good benefits like the standard staff benefits and also, they subsidise ALOT if you gonna enrol in japanese lessons under the company's sponsorship...

My shoulders' slided past Marubeni and Mitsui, but it's alright, another great one comes along to me now.

As of tomorrow, or today (upon confirmation), Im now a proud employee of Mediterranean Shipping Co. working as a Freight Control, we are the second largest shipping firm in the world.

OKOK, first is of course MAERSK line~

Pay wise is acceptable and fair to me, jobscope is a challenging and learning journey for me. Im sure Im gonna enjoy my working experience for this :)

With a stable job, comes a stable income, and also stable repayment of debts.
Right now, BB is my biggest creditor, lol~

And the activities and leisure that I have missed since June, hoped to regain it bit by bit with my stable flow of cash and proper time management.

I didn't really mean to MIA from all, but its real depressing to be jobless for a woman as old as me (23 years, fking old la!), so I camped at home all day to restrict spending of what's left little...

Biggest worries done, and I hoped to do these few things soon:
- Dining with BB
- Belated Birthday fare with Yufen
- A good meal with Alvin Ah Ma before he left for New Zealand again


Thursday, February 4, 2010


During my months of "rest"period, have been stoning tons of dramas at home:

No. 1 favorite - Fringe

It tells of the mysterious events that happens throughout Boston, and FBI agent Olivia Dunham (lady in the middle) went to recruit MIT drop-out, Peter; and his half-dementia scientist father, Walter Bishop. All bizarre incidents and events seems to revolve around Walter Bishop's scientific research which have been stopped ever since 17 years ago....
Currently airing Season 2.

Vampire Diaries

Alright, the vampire-craze goes on forever~
Two vampire brothers had a long way back to being 'transformed' into a vampire, and now they are in modern times, falling in love with the high-school girl who looked exactly like the vampire who bitten them 150 years ago...
Currently airing Season 1.


Loved this drama, even though its quite laggy. Ends at Episode 41, a weird number.

Shining Inheritance

A total korean-idol drama. Protagonist's deceased father left her with a inheritance but her step-mother prevent her from her claims, chased her and her brother (diagnosed with autism) out of the house. Poor girl picked up an old grandmother who fainted in the streets, and she turns out to be the Chairman of the multi-million Beef-Noodle chainstores empire!

Lastly, currently watching 洗冤录2 and 啊!是美男啊!

Ps... when can i have an ideal job????

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

First Post of My New Blog


I recreated a new blog of mine again.

Nothing much to blog about on hands now, since I'm like a loner, everyday spending my time at home or at BB's home emo-ing.

Yes, I'm freaking bored and poor now, but I state that I am not regretting my actions for quitting my job at Katoen Natie.

Why had I quit? That company is a blood-sucker with the poorest HR policies in the world!

Recently of lots of job-huntings, and school has started, assignments flowing in, so I'm quite filled-up. Physically too.

Well, now I'm FAT, POOR, UGLY and LAZY.
But behold, its me, its Lijun here. XD