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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Passed Finally

Unfortunately, its not the exam results, its not the P license plate.

Health level passed, officially accepted into TPS, gonna start work on 20th Sept, 2 weeks of rest XD

Mama says to go KL to visit uncle and me and wingwing wanted shopping, but looks like the trip haven finalised.
Deep down, I feel like going to Genting to 搏杀.

Money Fly Money~

After my physically and mentally ordeal with the fucking company's many people, I decided what's most important now is to build up my health.

This lousy body of mine extremely needs EXERCISE, REST, GOOD FOOD and RECREATION.

I might go jogging 'some day' soon, I will continue to sleep more, I will start to feast back my normal mode, and I need other recreational activities besides gaming and surfing the net for dramas and animes.

Recently I took an interest in sewing. Buying clothes has been extremely difficult since my weight has been yoyo-ing.
And I got the chance into some local's sewing blogs, which further linked to french and japanese seamstress blogs. Japanese's are my cup of tea.

I decided to self-learn instead of joining FMDS and paying $550.
Most of the seamstress in those blogs self-learnt too.

Its never going to be a easy and cheap hobby, but I do think that its a healthier one other than hardcore gaming.

Im going to be 23 real soon. Its time to be really mature, really responsible, really cultivated, really hardworking, really energetic and really cash cow.

No more time to waste. One of my goals for next year will definitely be sewing a ROM dress for myself, hehe~

Buddha bless me :)