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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jurong Island

Yesh, Im back to Jurong Island again.

This time, instead of being the service provider who always get the last piece of biscuits, Im on the 'customer of service provider' side.
This time, instead of having the earliest knock off time of 6.30pm, my new working time is 8am to 4.45pm.
This time, instead of having a lil bit of 1.6k pay, Im paid much higher.

Everything seems to be turning for the better again.

Woke up damn early to prep for the interviewat 7am, and left the hse to hire a cab to Jurong Pier Checkpoint.
Apparently I wasnt the only one, there's also a guy (who name I forget).
I thought that he will be competiting for the position with me, but well, both of us got hired.

The HR managers were nice funny guy, and Buddha bless, they are willing to accept me.
I will be doing stuffs back to the basic again, like mosy trading companies do on the logistics side.

L/C negotiation, shipping import and export documents, COO and COA, even the software is SAP.
Customer order processing and liaisoning with 3PL and carriers, customer feedbacks and complaints.
Stock-take activities and field checks.

All these, is what I have been looking for, what I need to acquire for knowledge.

Amazingly, I got a decent pay rise too, lol.
More amazingly, despite that pay, my OT was still 1.5x.

There are several additional perks on top of the standard 14 AL and 14MC.
If no MC were taken for the whole year, there is a $700 cash award at the end of the yr.
If I were to go on holidays, personal trips, I got paid $150.
Dental expenses of $150.
Medical expenses are $700, and if I didnt use all $700 for my medical, at the end of the yr the balance will be banked into Medisave Account.
Additional $100 of laundry expense.

What's with the laundry expense? Well, it seems that this time I do not have a choice with wearing clothes, I need to put on uniforms >.<

All and All, its a Japanese chemical trading firm, I wonder if we need to perform morning stretching workout in the field before work start? O.O

And I gave a call to 大佬 after my successful acceptance.
And we promised to go AMK crab feast in the future. LOL~

After the get out from JI, my future colleague had a car, and i face thick thick ask him to send me to JP, and well, he's living nearby too.
In the future, maybe more trips? Saving the hassle to board transport at JE!

The trip back to JI was still amazing to my eyes.
And I rmb vividly my first trip in there, Im astounded by the oil tankers, refinery stations, and those complicate-looking gas and pipelines structure.
Till now, it still was.

My future is there.

But before that, the body checkup, consists of BLOOD TEST.
Which freaks me out horribly.
I hate needles, and I cant imagine the feeling of having fluids in my body to be drained out by the pump of the syringe.

Buddha bless me please~