Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Caught 2 Movies in a week...

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

Been a big fan of this DS-based puzzle series... Anyone who had a DS and had played the Professor Layton series before will know about it...
Watched this purely based on being a fan... LOL

Well, I do think that BB look quite "sian" while watching this...

Anyway the music and theme song is great and the storyline is easy to understand... Its about Professor Layton being requested to go and investigate on a case of a young girl who had passed away and had came back to live, yet appears at the age of 7 (the girl is supposedly to be dead much older)...
One part of the movie reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle though...

The Movie-of-the-Month in April...
Since its a much anticipated one, even though we watched it on saturday, I had BB bought the tickets on thursday already... LOL

Did not watched it in 3D for fear my eyes cannot take it.

Its about Perseus seeking revenge on Hades who had killed his adoptive family, in the same time on the mission to rescue the princess, Andromeda.
People who are well-versed in Greek mythology should know that Perseus and Andromeda got married and ruled the land Argos, but in this version of Clash of the Titans, I personally felt that the writer gave it a good twist for this part. For the other details of journeying with companions and fighting monsters in harsh lands, the results are quite expected.

Just that I still find it quite surprising that mega water monster Kraken (Cetus, in Greek Mythology version)) kena pwned by Medusa's petrification skills.

Sounds like HON and Dota with Kraken, Andromeda and Medusa. Maybe we can expect a Perseus riding on Pegasus soon.


It was also results-releasing period for the projects done, other that Financial Accouting where the lecturer die die wan deduct me for 10 marks because I did the project ALONE, for the first time ever, since secondary school, I got a 93 marks for my Transport Management project!

That instant was real happiness, and thereafter the determination to do well for the exams and get a real A.

Therefore, my dear PS3, you will have to wait for Mummy to come and get you after the exams~!