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Saturday, August 14, 2010

No Photos of Me

Well, I think people are not interested in HOW I look like, Im just a girl with chubby face, pouty upper lips, bush brows, not big not small eyes and a button nose.

Thus, i shall post WHAT I bought, use and eat :)

Shopping spree time, and the wardrobe gets a half mini makeover. Only 20% completeness :(
I shall invest more when I got a higher paycheck next mth XD

Loots from FEP, Creamy Dress, purchased from Spellbound at $29+

Loots from FEP, Lacey short-ed shirt, purchased from a small store for $19+. Its black btw, too much highlight from the camera.

Loots from FEP, stripey one-piece matched with denim shirt and brown belt, purchased from Sixties @ $24+

Loots from FEP, white cotton shirt, purchased at Ztamp for $29

Loots from JP, denim coloured shirt, purchased from Dano @ $33+

Loots from FEP, striped black and white skirt, purchased from Ztamp @$39+, can wear as one tube dress too.

Loots from FEP, multi-print maxim dress, purchased at Myth @ $40+

Loots from FEP, cotton black dress with white stripe interlink, purchased at Myth for $36+

Loots from FEP, simple white cotton long sleeve dress, purchased from Dress Culture @ $30+

Loots from JP, simple yellow linen long sleeve dress, purchased from that korean-inspired shop for $35+

Purchases accumulated over 2 mths worth!

My current beauty stashes, to be adding more in the future. In love with Esprique Precious foundation, Maybelline Mineral Foundation Powder, Maybelline eye palette in pink and its Mascara. Using Snow balanced fluid as night moisturiser.

Food stacks from Marks and Spencers - Redcurrant Puff (most yummy but ex too), chocolate caramels and rich tea biscuits. Adding curry-flavoured scallops and duck's tongue from BB's papa in HK.

Had a "company lunch" @ TCC last 2 weeks ago, all said it was a treat from manager - JF - but actually, she claimed it from the company's entertainment expenses too, haha, so much for treating eh!

Me and Angeline ordered soup, salads, main course, platters, fruit soda and dessert. Don't waste the chance, we didnt even have annual dinner lor!

So much for being the 2nd largest shipping company in the world, with a (Agency) behind!

My dessert: some puff or mascaporone cheese which tasted like cream bulee. with strawberries too of course.

Main course was smoked salmon spaghetti with an egg. This was really yummy.

With all these concluded my recent buyings, most of them lar.

Continuing my bellowings, JF want me to move away from my current seat. And I was seriously like WTF you want?!!

I have only 3 more weeks away from my last day of notice, 3 weeks also dun let me sit nicely in my place. Honestly, I really wish you all the best, stay healthy and live long long.


And you already pissed off alot of ppl already. Docs, IT, Accounts, Payroll uncle too, lol~

In a sense, its worse than SMK.

Otherwise Im gg to have 2 interviews coming up, in Logistics and Purchasing. Regardless, both sides pay higher with better prospects. I dun need you MSC to earn a living :)

And I gg to take MC on that day - Tuesday.

Say i chao keng lah, I dun care :P