Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Busy Day/Week

Super-Duper busy on this week, particularly monday and wednesday and planning thursday also...

However was quite relac at work...

Especially so relac until I go and volunteer for MORE job from my manager...

Thinking back, I wonder if its the correct thing?

Job-wise, I loved meetings lately. Went for a Intro Meeting with EM today, attendees from my company includes the Executives and Managers, only I'm the one who is still an Officer and somemore, very newbie.

Awkward situation happened, and it was when the 'exchanging-of-namecards' session that people found out that I'm nobody? LOL.

Hey hey, i'm representing the Accounts Dept de lei~

A meeting of 2 hours with both sides, I learnt alot more.
More importantly, i received alot of namecards, anyone could be my potential employers/contractors in the future?!

Monday night was rushing for Transport assignment, until 11pm then finished.
Tuesday reached home at 11pm due to school, 1am then sleep.
Wednesday was rushing for assignments too.
The time is 12.30+, and..... Good Nite!

Payday soon! Happy??