Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Thursday, February 4, 2010


During my months of "rest"period, have been stoning tons of dramas at home:

No. 1 favorite - Fringe

It tells of the mysterious events that happens throughout Boston, and FBI agent Olivia Dunham (lady in the middle) went to recruit MIT drop-out, Peter; and his half-dementia scientist father, Walter Bishop. All bizarre incidents and events seems to revolve around Walter Bishop's scientific research which have been stopped ever since 17 years ago....
Currently airing Season 2.

Vampire Diaries

Alright, the vampire-craze goes on forever~
Two vampire brothers had a long way back to being 'transformed' into a vampire, and now they are in modern times, falling in love with the high-school girl who looked exactly like the vampire who bitten them 150 years ago...
Currently airing Season 1.


Loved this drama, even though its quite laggy. Ends at Episode 41, a weird number.

Shining Inheritance

A total korean-idol drama. Protagonist's deceased father left her with a inheritance but her step-mother prevent her from her claims, chased her and her brother (diagnosed with autism) out of the house. Poor girl picked up an old grandmother who fainted in the streets, and she turns out to be the Chairman of the multi-million Beef-Noodle chainstores empire!

Lastly, currently watching 洗冤录2 and 啊!是美男啊!

Ps... when can i have an ideal job????