Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I quitted my job at KNS in November last year, and have been mass-sending resumes in all directions...
Jobstreet, JobsDB, Saturday Strait Time Recruit section...

I have been rejected by most, and some I turned down..

My overall interview and job-finding experiences, Japanese firms has way-more expectations than US or Europe MNCs...

Initially, I hoped to get into a Japanese trading firm, big or small, it doesn't matter..

The prospect is good, and experience is vast, the knowledge is wide.. And good benefits like the standard staff benefits and also, they subsidise ALOT if you gonna enrol in japanese lessons under the company's sponsorship...

My shoulders' slided past Marubeni and Mitsui, but it's alright, another great one comes along to me now.

As of tomorrow, or today (upon confirmation), Im now a proud employee of Mediterranean Shipping Co. working as a Freight Control, we are the second largest shipping firm in the world.

OKOK, first is of course MAERSK line~

Pay wise is acceptable and fair to me, jobscope is a challenging and learning journey for me. Im sure Im gonna enjoy my working experience for this :)

With a stable job, comes a stable income, and also stable repayment of debts.
Right now, BB is my biggest creditor, lol~

And the activities and leisure that I have missed since June, hoped to regain it bit by bit with my stable flow of cash and proper time management.

I didn't really mean to MIA from all, but its real depressing to be jobless for a woman as old as me (23 years, fking old la!), so I camped at home all day to restrict spending of what's left little...

Biggest worries done, and I hoped to do these few things soon:
- Dining with BB
- Belated Birthday fare with Yufen
- A good meal with Alvin Ah Ma before he left for New Zealand again