Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


1. Been Playing League of Legends with BB Tay and Bros, Chong and Mr Lee, kicked Maple to one side.

In short its a game like DotA, but it has unique features like the match-making system and levelling XP and IP system. Every game played will earn the player XP (used to gain level) and IP (used to buying champions - DotA called it heroes). Unlike Dota where you can choose -Allpick, LoL rotates a certain group of champs every few weeks, and if you love certain champs, like my favorite Captain Teemo (the badger)

Specialty: high dps and running speed and stealth skill ( good for ppl who like to run away fast and hide )

Most importantly is that its the cutest champs in LoL.

2. School started with Contract & Agency Law, Managerial Econs, Financial Planning and Ucores, every monday wednesday saturday. Cannot feel the stress of schooling as yet but as always, it came at the last few days of assignment submission.

3. Sickly. Made me lose my appetite for chillied-food, but I still love to eat french fries :)

4. Tendered. My position in Finance Dept. A hard decision to make but I feel much much better.

5. Looking for jobs. Offers, interviews and many more. But I might still end up in the same company, in a different dept. I can still be with my friends!

6. Applying for Bukit Panjang BTO 5-room. I need this flat, this house.

7. Going for dress-making and sewing course in October. $550 for the course, $150 for the materials and an investment of $200 in a nice sewing machine. Im serious to learn.

8. Exercise. I will start a exercise routine after confirming my new job. I need to live longer and healthier :)

9. I will be happier! No more grumpy!