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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Office Politics and Gossip-Mongers

Maybe, I can officially self-declared myself as a victim of gossip-mongings.

Yes, and I definitely hate you now, C.

You, can i call u a bimbo?

You, thought you are still a high and classy as a SIA girl? Ex-stewardess, excuse me~
You did not perform your job as well as a secretary should, and yet dare look down upon me, act high and mighty, and tell me off in front of your so-called friend in the office?


First, I did not talk a SINGLE word from the start of the whole event, NEVER before.
Second, you did not do your job well, and yet you still have the guts to tell people off.
Third, dun think you are pretty, still. Your legs are so muscular, body-builder meh!

Well, I just have to wait and see your retribution for talking nonsense to me, believe it will come soon, it always does. This kind of thing runs in the family.

Worse still, everyone in the office is looking at me like im a narrow-minded girl. Fuck it!

I couldn't care less okay, I care more about job.

And regarding job, the blood boils even higher.

After so much dramatic events, I came to realise these terms:

1. 95% of the people in the office, you can never believe. the 5% will be Michelle alone.
2. Promotion topic, you got the capability? intelligence? hard-work? No use.
3. Managers like to talk big, especially SMK.
4. Companies dun like to cultivate talents, they only exploit us into slave workers.
5. Most workers have the bo-chap attitude, not mine dun look for me. Help you? Wait long long.
6. The most valuable experience and words fo advice from these so-called seniors, is "别管那么多,不然很麻烦,很多事情做。"
7. Most frequent actions is "None of mu business, YOU DO."
8. There are no appreciative returns for your hard work, in fact you are the most lucky person in the company if you are a fake-friendly and gossip-know-all.

I am very unhappy now. KNS is a slave-driver company. MSC is a gossip-mongers and exploiting company.

I dun seem to have very good fate and relationship in my working experience with big companies. I know that I should have to terms with the cruel reality in life that all Singaporean workers are like that.

I have a heavy responsibility and helpful nature born in me. Likewise, I do not like myself to be unappreciated for my hard work.

It seems that i have no longer other choice but to stay until I grab that AWS at the end of the year. After that, its decision-making time again.

My blog seems to have become a complaint section. And I hope that this will be the last post for office troubles.