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Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Flat T.T

Received an email of bad news today...

"We have conducted the computer ballot and your queue position is beyond 300% of the flat supply. Hence, you are deemed as unsuccessful in your flat application. "

Sibei KNN, Sibei Suay.

And they sarcastically added in the email that we will be given accumulative chances next time we apply again, in 'non-mature estates'.

Okay, that will be Pulau Tekong? Or Pulau Ubin?

And worst, cant get refunded for $10 paid during application. F*** man, I didnt even get a queue number lor!

Thought that I might be a tab bit luckier since I won the match betting Spain last night, won a hefty $50+ bucks.

Okay, again, good luck spammed all and suay-ness revives today :(

Very dejected now, need to kill some mobs!