Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crazy Shopping Month

I have only one of my buys to post:

Charles and Keith fake-leather browny bag @ $59.90

One of my favourite buys so far, cause this season is all about the japanese-style cowboy trend~

And I spend about another 250~ on clothes at FEP, and another 50~ on cosmetics of gel eyeliner and mineral foundation.

This month is 荷包大出血, so the skincare will have to wait till next month >.<

After so many troubles brewing in the dark, and up-and-down moods, decided to make myself happier by pampering myself with things i want, not need. And proud to say that I spend what I earn, not what my parents earn :)

Short post, but alas, won 70 bucks with a 10 dollar bet on Spain vs Chile last week, betted score of 2-1. hehe~

And hope for tonight's Spain vs Portugal to be 2-2 draw in the 90 minutes full match, afterwards, Spain pleaseeeeeeeeeee WIN!!!