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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What's Next

My last day in MSC will be officially 2nd Sept, woohoo~

And I expect my new job to start on either 6th Sept or the week after.

Been going for various interviews already, there's a few job offer even but what I wanted, is really difficult to catch.

And And And, it seems that Im quite fated with Japanese companies this time round, almost all interviews are Japanese firms!

There's one nice Japanese-based oil and gas firm in Jurong Island and I will be going for that interview next week, and just nice, its one of my customer when I used to work in KNS last year. Hope that they can call Dai Lou for character referee-ing lol~

Im surprised for myself, that i didnt even bother to hide what's currently happening in MSC, they would ask why did you leave?

Better prospects, and new manager is like Hitler.

And I seriously doubt that JF can tahan more than 1 year in MSC too, according to sources, there is no manager yet that can stay on that position for more than a year half! There's a big fking problem somewhere where all managers cant be bothered but to escape! And yes, previous manager SMK even quitted without a job.

It feels like escaping from disaster.

Anyway, none of my problem anymore and I decided to serve that one month happily and leave office at 6pm sharp.

After that i will start on my quizzes, assignments and projects. The lecturer for Managerial Economics was an ANG MOH and hell, his english is soooooo PRO that I couldn't understand what he said at all. Self-study is needed hence.

And I decided to go on with the slimming effort. I lost like almost 3-4kg during my period of stress x sickness x no appetite.

At first I was freaked out, the weight loss doesn't seem healthy at all but well, just continue.
Im still craving for good food, buffets and sweet pastries. But one "dosage" per day is actually very fulling for me now.

For example, Im such a big eater that when Im having lunch with my colleagues, I used to pick and eat their share too, regardless of greens or meats or even soup. Now I couldn't even finish that last piece of fish fillet and the fullness is till the throat.

My coming plans are:

1. Climb the stairs, train stamina and upped immunity to fever and bugs
2. Sewing Machine for dress-making course on October
3. New job = New Environment
4. Projects x 5

And seriously, do I look like im kidding to attend dress-making course? Cause alot have been asking me on that and they dun believe Im gg to!

Maybe I can open a stall and sew your clothes, sew your drop-out buttons, amend your sizes or even sew cosplay costumes~!

Oh yea, I needed food, buffet or steamboat, appointment me!