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Monday, July 5, 2010

Detox Plan and Perfect Foundation

Baby steps to weight loss: Detoxification!

Comprises of yogurt as breakfast, lemon plushes in H2O and soup-based meals.

Shall try out these methods first to see how much weight I can cut by dieting.

Achieving Perfect Foundation = BB cream as base + mineral powder as setting = feels like a second skin.

Tried several methods of putting foundation and for the moment, it is the best combination.

Best BB cream to use will be Maybelline 8-in-1 BB cream, Esprique precious as foundation (use kabuki brush to sweep over the face) and Loreal Mattifying Mineral Powder as setting.

So long so good, pores are covered, blemishes not so obvious are most importantly, no break-out yet!

Important Note: Boycott Silky Girl cosmetics!!! (from my POV)
The Magic BB cream is lousy, it became watery and water really came out after some time of storage, and worse, one day of coverage resulted in 4 acnes on my face!

Dont ever use cheap cosmetics, skin is important!

*end of bla-bla-bla*