Bits and Bits of Tidbits

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


And my contributions, hard work, commitment all goes down the drain with a few simple lines of :

"Im the new boss, you need to prove AGAIN to me"
"Im the new boss, new working styles, you need to stick to my styles"
"Im the new boss, leave your work to the other temp personnel, DO MINE 1ST!"
"Please be professional in your work and attend work regularly"
"You are a genius, but the others are not the same as you."
"Please be patient when teaching and working"
"I cannot broke the rules or else others will follow"
"How are you? Are you feeling fine?"

Before I started again, a message to Dear Amanda Chew (my sec sch classmate btw):

A welcome to joining the big family of MSC. Honestly, I also dun understand why you choose to work for MSC for a measly pay (you shld get more!) and that day meeting you, rmb im stuck with my words when you asked "hows working here? is it good?" And I also dun rmb wtf I told ya. But Im gonna say now. Just rmb that, loyalty don't pay. You cant learn the whole accounting function here, AR isnt really AR. I advise you to find a new one after getting sick of this place.

Back to those lines as fore-mentioned.

SMK is a fking boss. JF is much worse.

She's decisive. She's got fashion. She's got guts.
But she's like a dictator too, Hitler's revived again :)

And that whole thing speeded up my process of tendering.

Before you came, I OT 3 times per week, I learnt all my work personally without fussing other people ard. That is what we call 自动。
Before you came, our team only comprises of 3 people and we are doing ABSOLUTELY FINE. No complains no backlogs no extra unnecessary work. And we needed NO TEMPS or EXTRA HANDS at all to do our team's work.
Before you came, I do my work with pride and motivation is there everyday for me to report to work. I love what Im doing and achieved a great sense of job satisfactory. Even when Im down with heavy flu I still come to work with a red clown nose.
Before you came, Im professional in my work and came to work EVERYDAY. I know how to resolve email and disputes not because Im a genius, but I use my BRAINS TO THINK and SOLVE.
Before you came, everyone else has no problems with my style of teaching people. I dun spoon-feed, I give hints. You need to have the basic urgency to learn work yourself. Are you 3 years old??
Before you came, Im so much healthier and can bitch around with my frens, sing KTV and go on shopping sprees.

And here are the changes after you came:

You, revolutionise all my working practices that people have passed down from ages ago of successful practices.
You, placed all your trust into E, come on, your OS list is I DO IT at least 70%, and somemore is I bring it HOME to do, even when Im sick like hell!
You, want to write down the SOP which nobody else will bother to write. Why the FUCK should I? Couldn't your new pets have the basic initiative to write it in their own notebook?
You, when Im sick like fuck, your pets harasses me with calls and sms everyday MC days. Why the FUCK wun they ask when Im in the fugly office?
You, hired a lot of ppl regardless of temps and perms and ask them to do backlogs backlogs, where the FUCK is the backlogs?
You, do you know that you have make those people who have worked like a cow for MSC for the past 2 years very very angry? After hiring so many newbies, do you think the old birds have more bonus next yr? The VB is divided!
You, like to talk nice and sweet-tonely. It irks me.

I, used to work like a cow for MSC.
Even when Im sick, I brought work home to do it for you, co you said its "urgent".
Even doing so, Im not appreciated for the work I've done even when I'm sick.
And I got sarcastic remarks of you saying im a "genius". Im not, and on comparison, your new pets are learning slower coz they dun have the initiative.

New manager, new styles, new staffs, new times.

If you happen to see this, Ms Jacelyn Fooh, 做人不要太过分,风水轮流转。戴眼要会看人。

Or maybe you know all along what happen but you choose your new pets maybe they looked cuter.

Anyways, 我上了贼船!