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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekends + Who I Saw Today

Last Friday was Marche at Somerset 313 with Jiani...
Verdict is.... So-so and its expensive.

Had the same dishes... signatures of Marche...
Rosti, and this time I had smoked salmon instead of sausages...

Shokudo at City Hall is better...

Chit-chats with plans to go Bintan at the month end to celebrate her birthday...

By the way I got my first pay from MSC :)

Saturday was full-afternoon sleep... then went to Gek Poh meetup with BB to eat KFC... Supper is durian and mangosteen at Geylang XD

Sunday was another full-afternoon sleep... Guess im tired to go to BB house to tong... his house nothing to play and he refuses to buy a PS3 fast...


Sunday dinner was 元宵 dinner with LeeChoo Aunty at Pioneer Wharf, JP.
Yummy Shark Fin~

And it was Monday again!

And today it IS Tuesday!

The lady on cash payments was on leave and so I had to go to deposit the cheques at OCBC in her place. Guess who I saw?

Only Sherla knows, lol~
Its Winston! or Winson? I cant remember >.<

Wanted to say 'Hi' but he is busy-ing with his stuffs...
Memories about him is quite bleak, cause I didnt report much to school in poly days either...

But honestly, I think he has guts and is doing what most young men are shunning away from...

Young people I known, who is(are) now working hard up the career ladder and also studying hard for a degree is so less...
Practically zero.
Maybe I know too little people le?

But I think he is quite a promising young man who is working hard for his own future.
Some guys around his age are still dilly-dallying around wasting their youth.

He's got sense la.
Young people, do not work hard now, then when you want to start working hard?

The earlier you start, the faster you earn more experience and money.
Do not be some who think that a degree with nil exp can earn you 2.5k per month.
Be practical.

I actually praised someone O.O

And I was thinking of taking up ACCA... Am I crazy?????